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Sorting, ordering courses

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In this video, you learn how to order courses. I also show you the option to set a Live Call Box on a per course level.

Click on the 3 dot menu on the course tile to change the live-call block for this course.

The icons on the course tile shows you:

  • The number of sections

  • The total number of lectures

  • The overall duration of the content

If you navigate into a course and go to settings, you can change the thumbnail and have the option to edit the description of your course. You can centre the headline on show courses always in the overview to generate upsells. You can change the release time of your scheduled content.

Copying of courses across member areas

In the course editor, you can duplicate the course via the 3-point menu on the course tile. This was already possible before. What is new is that in addition to the option of duplicating the course in the same member area, it is now also possible to duplicate it in another member area.

In order to duplicate a course into another area, two conditions must be met:

  1. The course contingent must not be exhausted.

  2. The administrator who duplicates a course needs the authorisation to edit "All courses" (see screenshot) in the target member area.

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