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For the domain mapping, you need a DNS entry with your domain provider and a Pro Account with us.

In addition, it is important whether you already have members in your member area, if so, please note the point "Inform members" before you make entries in your DNS configuration.

Inform members

Basically, your members will always receive the correct URL for your member area by mail.

However, if you have members on your platform, and you change the domain afterwards, you have to inform these members about it. The PWA (app) at your customers must be reinstalled.

DNS Configuration

Add the following DNS entry to your DNS configuration:




<Your domain of choice>


If this was successful, you can link the member area with your domain. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for DNS entries to be distributed on the Internet (in technical terminology, this is called propagation). Only then the member area can be linked.

Link member area

How to link your member area

Please note that here the URL must be entered without https:// and without slash (Without these characters: "/" ).

The SSL certificate can only take effect up to 24h after the setting has been adjusted.

Some domain provider require you to end the DNS record entry with a dot "." Any specifics are usually explained in support article of your provider.

Map member area to main domain

Please note: we work with a CNAME record. A CNAME record cannot be mapped to a main domain. You can only display your members area on a subdomain.

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