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Integrate and establish a connection to Digistore24 and sell your course

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To create a connection to Digistore24 and start selling your courses follow these steps:

Connect Digistore24 to Memberspot

  1. Click on Integration and select digistore. On the new page generate a new keyword and copy the IPN notification URL.

  2. For the next steps log into your digistore account. Click on "Settings" and click on "Integrations (IPN)" in the drop down menu.

  3. Click on "Add new connection" and scroll down and select "Generic".

  4. Give the connection a name and paste the IPN notification URL (step 1) into "IPN-URL".

  5. Type in the generated keyword into "IPN-password" and click "Save" to create the new connection.

  6. In the main menu select "Account" and click "Products" from the drop-down.

  7. Copy the Id number of the product you want to add to the connection.

  8. Back in Memberspot click Add Product and give the new product a name. Then paste the number into "Product Id". Configure the Access in the drop down and check the box if you want to automatically lock the access.

  9. To finish the set up click "Save".

Once you have completed the connection, you can add Add-Ons to your connection. If you don't wish to add Add-Ons we'll explain how to perform a test purchase below.


Add-ons allow you to sell another product along with a main product.

To do this, you create two Accesses in Memberspot and link them to two items in Digistore24.

Add the additional product to Digistore24 by clicking on the "Addons" tab of the main product and enter the necessary information.

Additional modify your IPN setup from before and turn on the option "One IPN call per add-on".

Test purchase

To verify that everything is working correctly, you can perform a test purchase. When you've added add-ons, make sure the box for the Add-On is checked. For testing, use a valid email.

In case you don't receive the access, please contact us.

Digistore has rejected my product

Digistore24 will reject your digital product if you link the product to the password protected member area instead of a sales page.

Other Approval criteria can be found here:

Payment methods

All payment methods offered by Digistore can be found on their website.

Transaction fees

If you use a payment provider, the transaction fees depend on the payment provider. Memberspot does not charge any fees other than your monthly usage fee.

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