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Granting Accesses

Unlock course - Unlock members, Access Menu

Updated over a week ago

In this video, you will learn how accesses in Memberspot work. It provides you with an abstraction layer that allows you to manage multiple members more easily. In other tools, it is referred to as offers or course bundles.

In Memberspot you can not assign courses directly to members. You can add one more many courses to an access. This access can be given to members. When would this be useful? If you sell your offer through a payment provider, an access with 2 courses can be unlocked with one purchase. Another example when accesses come in handy is when you want to change a course for many people. Let's say you worked on an updated version of the course. You then can just remove the old course and add the new course to the access. All members will now have access to the new course. Without accesses, you would have to enter every member and change it individually.

Note: The access: "All courses", always contains all courses. Also, all future courses. You should therefore only activate it for specific people. Otherwise, you should create an access for each course.

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