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Memberarea explained
Memberarea explained

Change appearance - Change optics - Other colors Design member area, customize member page - Customized live call box, logo, CI

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To see the changes you make to your member area, click in the top right corner, the eye icon to access the live-view of your member area.

You can configure these settings and design the course overview:

Overview Tab:

  • Change the Logo in the header

  • Add links to the header and footer

  • Edit the Banner, visibility, image, display options and text overlay

  • Change heading above courses and course button

  • Change the display of courses from list to gallery view

  • Add social icons

Details Tab:

  • Change the order of the boxes in the side menu

  • Edit the content of the boxes in the course side menu

Display Tab:

  • Colours

  • Font and font size

  • Dark Mode and Dark Mode Logo

  • Favicon, displayed in the browser tab

  • Corner radius and hoover effect

  • Attachment order

  • Login screen background image

Pages Tab:

Add and edit internal pages for your terms and conditions and other content

Individually customize live call box on a course level

You can set a live call box for all courses. You can find this setting in Memberarea. For each course you can configure an individual live-call box.

You can deactivate the box for certain courses or insert other content.

To access the live-call block / box setting for each course: Go to courses, click the 3 dot menu on the right. Then choose Individual Live-Call Block.

Note: As of January 2022 it is not possible to change boxes for each course individually. This feature is among the top 5 requested features by our customers, and we will develop this feature when there are resources in the development team.

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