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Member administration
Member administration

Member statistics, manual chapter activation and member administration, Member management, customer reporting. Video Statistic

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In this video, you will learn everything about Member administration. You can see all the details and information about your members and how they consume the content.

Click the text under the progress bar to view detailed reporting and user behaviour statistics for your members for this course. You can see whether a video has been viewed, when it was completed and more. You can also download and resent certificates.

Last Update vs. Last Login

Last Update

Last Login

This is the time when the user was last edited. Changes like granting access, updating access, etc.

This is the time when the member last signed in.

CSV Import

You can also upload a CSV list with multiple contacts at the same time. Just click on CSV Import. Please note that only customers with an active subscription can upload email lists to prevent spamming.

In the next dialogue, you will be asked to associate the columns. You can select first name, last name and email. As a last step, you can select the access that should be granted.

If you want to grant multiple accesses, you can upload several lists and grant one access at a time. You can also have duplicate contacts in your list. The system recognizes this automatically and will add an access.

Progress in training / learning overview

To get a quick overview of your member's progress with the courses, you can click on the progress icon next to the member's name in the member administration.

To get a more detailed overview of the progress in the course, you can double-click on the member to switch to the member view. Here you can see all courses of the member in the tab Granted Access.

For an even more detailed overview of a specific course, you can click on x% completed to see the report of all activities of the member in this course. Here you can see when which course was started and finished, and you can track the learning success over the individual lectures.

You can also set individual lessons to completed here if the member does not need that lesson or has already completed it.

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