Copecart Integration

Integrate and establish a connection to Copecart and sell your course

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Connect Copecart to Memberspot

  1. Click on Integration and select Copecart. On the new page generate a new keyword and copy the IPN notification URL.

  2. For the next steps log into your Copecart account. Click on the right side on your name and select "IPN Connection" in the drop down menu.

  3. Click on "Add new connection" and select "Memberspot".

  4. Give the connection a name and paste the IPN notification URL (step 1) into "IPN-URL".

  5. Type in the generated keyword into "IPN-password" and click "Save" to create the new connection.

  6. In the main menu select "Account" and click "Products" from the drop-down.

  7. Copy the Id number of the product you want to add to the connection.

  8. Back in Memberspot click Add Product and give the new product a name. Then paste the number into "Product Id". Configure the Access in the drop down and check the box if you want to automatically lock the access.

  9. To finish the set up click "Save".

Once you have completed the connection, you can add Add-Ons to your connection. If you don't wish to add Add-Ons we'll explain how to perform a test purchase below.

In case of a recurring payment (subscription), our system treats the signal as a purchase.

Testing the connection

Once you have completed the connection, you will of course want to test if everything works.

The following points should be taken into account: You must not use made up emails.

Of course you don't want to create more emails, because this would take extra time.

A little trick you can use is to add a short +test if you have a email.

For example, if your address is you can also use courses+test@gmail to test. Furthermore you can add a number after "test" and so you can do multiple test purchases with only one email.


Add-ons allow you to sell another product along with a main product.

To do this, you create two Accesses in Memberspot and link them to two items in Copecart.

It is important that the add-on is also added to the main product.

In addition, of course, you have to create the interface, also as for the normal product.

Test purchase

In order to check if everything has worked, one now performs a test purchase. It is important to check the box for the add-on product.

If you have done everything correctly, both accesses should now be activated during a test purchase:

Transaction fee

If you use a payment provider, the transaction fees depend on the payment provider. Memberspot does not charge any fees other than your monthly usage fee.

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