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Team administration
Team administration

How to manage and authorize your team members.

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With the user management, you can control who in your team can see and change certain areas of your member area. You can also create and change your own roles.

You can find the user administration in the member area under the menu item "Team".

Add user

  1. Click on "Add admin".

  2. Enter the email address and select a role.

  3. Click on "Invite".

Your member will receive an invitation to join your admin area. As soon as the member activates the account, the status will change from "Pending" to "Active".

Delete user

A user can be removed by clicking on the trash can. The user will no longer be able to log in to the admin area.

If the user is also a member of your course, the member will still be able to access the course.

Edit user

You can change the role of a team member by clicking on the pencil. The change has to be confirmed by clicking on the checkmark next to the role. The team member must reload the page if the change is not visible.

The e-mail address cannot be changed afterwards. To do this, the old one must be deleted and a user with the new e-mail address must be created.

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