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Connect mailing tools and payment providers with Zapier. Connect to Shopify

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With Zapier, we provide you with an inbound interface that allows you to connect to payment providers, such as PayPal.

Other payment providers and store systems like Shopify, WooCommerce, Stripe and PayPal can also be connected. 💳

Please note that Memberspot can only process incoming signals from Zapier right now and does not send outgoing Signals.

  1. You can get to the setup by clicking on Zapier under Integrations. There, you click on the link to get to the API Key settings.

  2. In the API Key settings, you create a new API Key by clicking on the "Create" button.

  3. Now log in to your Zapier account and create a new transaction under "Zaps" (For example, a connection from Thrivecart to Memberspot).

  4. Once you have set a trigger, you select Memberspot as the Action and choose an action from the "Event" menu.

  5. Under "Choose Account" click on "Connect a new account" and enter the API key from step 2.

Then do this! ... The events that can be triggered via Zapier in Memberspot

If a "New Order" is created in a store system like Webflow, then you can access the "Grant Access" event at Memberpsot.

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