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Fingerprint / Account Sharing Control
Fingerprint / Account Sharing Control

Prevent unauthorized sharing of your members' logins

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At Settings > Security, you will find the fingerprint function.

In this video, we have explained the fingerprint function:

There are problems with Fingerprint, what to do:

If Fingerprint does not work as expected, these could be possible sources of error.

  • Outdated browser:

    This is solved by the customer updating the browser to the latest version.

  • One device is counted twice:

    Different browsers count as multiple devices, also an incognito tab is counted as a new device.

    You should inform the customer about this, it will solve the problem.

  • Aggressive Browser Extensions (Anti-Tracking, Spam)

    Here it is advisable to deactivate them.

  • Browser settings (delete cookies)

    Deleting the cookies is the best solution method. We do not work with 3rd party cookies.

It is best for the customer to go through all suggestion above. In most cases, this fixes the problem.

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