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You will find the Basic Setting under Settings / Basic Settings.

Within this menu, you can change the name of the member area. This name will be shown at the login screen. The short description is only shown within the overview as administrator. This overview can be accessed by clicking on the logo in the top left and selecting "area overview".

You can change the URL for your members here. Please not, that once you changed the URL, the old link in the email will not work anymore. You need to inform every member about this change. To do this, you can download the list of all members in the member administration and send an email campaign using an email marketing tool.

Further, you can change the language of the member area here. You can change the content of your courses. The settings change all buttons and texts in the user interface.

In addition, you can change if the branding is shown in the member area. This feature is available from the Business Tarif. In the picture, you can see the branding text.

The affiliate badge can be turned off in any plan. You can see it in the picture to the right.

The Logo you can change here will be shown in the login screen and within your email templates. If you would like to have a different logo in the member area, you can change it there.

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