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How to add Slack into Memberspot and fix channel_not_found

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With the integration of Slack into Memberspot, you can receive notifications for various events. This tutorial will show you how to connect to Slack and create an automation.

Connect Slack

First, you need to add a Slack account to your Memberarea. To do this, click on the grey plus sign below Outbound. In the list, select Slack. Now you should be automatically redirected to a new page. Here, click Allow to give Memberspot permission to post to your channel.

Create Slack automation

Once the connection is successfully established, you can go back to Integrations and click on Add in the top right corner.

This will open a panel where you can create a new automation.

After you give this new automation a unique name, you configure the process. You select the Event and the Course you want to automate.

In the next section, you select Slack as the app and the action Send message. In #channelname you enter the Slack channel that should be notified. It is important that the channel is spelled correctly and not set to private. If the channel should remain private, you can integrate the Memberspot app into the channel.

Next you can customize the message to be posted. The variable fields Email, First name and Last name will then automatically display the data of the member.

Finally, you can set the status to Activated or Paused. This setting will help you later if you wish to suspend an automation without deleting it.

For now leave it on Activated and click on Save your automation is created and ready to use. You can now view it in the Action list.

Fix error channel_not_found

If the automation shows the status Problem you can see a detailed problem description by clicking on the status. If the error channel_not_found occurs then you can check these possible causes:

  • Is the name of the channel spelled correctly?

  • Is the channel private? If the channel is private, Memberspot can't post a message. You can either set the channel to public or add it to the Memberspot application by clicking on the channel name and the integration tab.

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