Hubspot Integration

How you can use Hubspot with Memberspot.

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You have different possibilities to update a Hubspot property or add a contact by an action in Memberspot.

Connect Hubspot

First, click on the plus underneath the "Outgoing" section in Integrations. Next select Hubspot.

On the new page, select your Hubspot account.

Follow the steps on the page and after successful setup you can create a Hubspot automation.

Update single-line text field

One of the possible automations you can create with the Hubspot integration is to add a text to a contact.

In the Property list, you can select what to customize. Please note that the properties are listed here with their internal name.

Set value in Type field Multiple checkboxes

In Hubspot, a contact can be customized based on predefined choices. This type of field opens a list of predefined responses.

With our automation, you can also populate these fields. To do this, select "Set multiple checkboxes in Type field" as the "Action" type.

From the "Property" list you can now select which property should be customized and in the "Option" field you select which field should be ticked.

Add contact

You can also create an automation that will add each new member as a Hubspot contact.

To do this, add the following automation:

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