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Customer & employee portals

With customer & employee portals, you can create your own personalized start pages for your customers and employees.

You can find this feature under the menu item Customers & Employee Portals in the sidebar.

After you have clicked on the menu item, the following view opens:

Here you click on "Add"

Now you have the option to choose between different ready-made templates or to create one yourself.

If you choose an empty template or the demo layout, you can select and install the widgets yourself.

Click on the Add widgets button, then you can easily build your template from a wide variety of widgets according to your wishes using drag-and-drop.

In the next picture, you can see a rough overview of the available widgets:

The widget content can be completely customized, you can see an example text section here that you can edit as usual, you can add images, links, emojis, etc. and completely personalize the content.

Important: Always save manually when you have finished editing and you want to accept the result. We haven't built in automatic saving so that you can edit and try things out in the portal. This way you don't run the risk of changing portals that are already live and you can always go back to the original

version. 🔒

Connect the customer and employee portals for all users

To connect a customer or employee portal for all users, click Memberarea→ Overview.

Now click on the link icon (plus sign) at the top of the navigation bar.

In the dialog box, you must then select the type of dashboard and the portal that you want to be displayed.

The portal will then appear next to My Courses in the menu bar at the top.

Connect customer and employee portal on the start page

To connect a customer or employee portal to the home or start page (a portal that is displayed to all members in front of the My Courses and Community menu) click on Area → My Courses.

Now click on the My Courses button (this is how the course overview opens) → Home → Portal, select the portal that should be displayed from the drop-down menu.

Once you have completed these steps, the selected portal will be displayed as the start page.

Connect individual customers and employee portals

Individual customer and employee portals for members can also be connected, which only these members can see. Individual customer and employee portals are available from the Business tariff.

In order to connect a customer or employee portal individually for a user, you must search for the user in your members and then select the properties Individual start page or Individual portals in the Settings → Portals tab.

When the Individual start page is set, the start page (as under point 1.2.) is displayed for this user. When multiple portals are selected in Custom Portals, they appear to the user after Home, My Courses, and Community on the far right.

Important info: The Spaces tab in the member details is now called "Settings" and contains the portal and moderator settings.
Let's continue with our second new feature, now you can add

pictures to your exams. 👇 


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