With the mood barometer, you can send surveys to your members at adjustable intervals.

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Activate Surveys

The survey feature can be activated in the settings under the

surveys. The function sends questions to the members at

adjustable intervals.


The survey responses are then aggregated and displayed in the new dashboard menu, with details on each member's rating.

To be able to see the dashboard, a new option has been set in the

roles. By default, admins with the default roles Owner, Admins and

Customer Support can view this information.

Customized Mood Board

This is what the survey feature aka mood barometer looks like in the

settings, here you can customize your survey as you wish.

In addition, the preview user can now also answer the surveys, so you can check directly whether your survey is displayed the way you imagined it. The survey feature is available from the business package onwards. 📝

An additional question is built into this survey, which can be answered with the numbers 1 to 10. This additional question can also be omitted or customized (numbers, text, long text, multiple questions).

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