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Which video/audio formats are supported?
Which video/audio formats are supported?

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Supported file formats for video and audio

When saving videos, we recommend that you use one of the following formats. If you receive the error message "Invalid file format" when uploading, you should check the format used.

  • mp4

  • mp3

  • mov

  • mpeg4

  • avi

  • mpeg

  • flv

  • 3gp

  • 3gpp

  • webm

  • acc

  • wav

  • ogg

  • m4v

  • m4a

Recommended video settings for the export / of your recording tool

Resolution: 1080p ( Large resolutions are scaled down to 1080p)

Bit rate: 10 MBit/s

Colour depth: 8 bit (10 bit videos are compressed. This compression may cause slight changes in colour tones)

FPS (frames per second): 60FPS or 30 FPS, both supported

Maximum file size: 8GB

If you use a different file format or your video file is too large, you can use the free tool to convert and compress your videos into a supported file format. Please also have a look at this article. This can also be used to repair partially damaged files that have caused a converter error.

Recommended audio settings for the export / for your recording tool

mp3 and m4a are supported. It does not matter which format is used.

What is the bit rate?

128 kBits/s are stored in the AAC codec. Upload it in this bitrate or higher. It doesn't matter if the bit rate is variable.

The important thing is that the volume should be -1 db. Very quietly recorded files must be strongly amplified, which leads to a loss of quality.


We support the H.264 codec. This is a common standard. If files are uploaded in H.265 format, the file is reformatted. This causes colours to be displayed slightly differently. Unfortunately, the H.265 codec cannot be played in the Google Chrome browser because it is a new Apple standard.

With this tool, you can find out which codec is used:

Recording with the iPhone (HDR, 8Bit, 10Bit)

In your settings on the iPhone you can choose between High Efficiency and Maximum Compatibility. Select maximum compatibility so that the video is saved in the H.264 codec (8Bit) and the colours are displayed correctly on our platform.

To do this, go to the following location:

Settings > Camera > Formats > High Efficiency -> Maximum Compatibility.

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