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Manage roles
Manage roles

How to manage your collaborators' access.

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With the help of user roles, you can set which areas your team members can see and edit.

On the "Team" tab, we created some roles for you under "Manage Roles". It is not possible to edit those roles, but you can duplicate and customize them.

You can find out which permissions a role has by clicking on the pencil next to it. Roles Admin and Owner have the same permissions, with the exception that Owner can delete member areas.

Starting with the Pro Plus plan, you can duplicate roles and create your own custom roles.

Create your own roles

  1. Click on "Add role".

  2. Give the role a name.

  3. Set in "Course permissions" which courses this role has access to and which permission it has.

  4. In "Access Permission", "Exams Permission" and "Members Permission" set which actions the role can execute in these areas.

  5. Assign access to additional tabs in the admin area with "Other Permission".

  6. Add the role.


Certificates can only be deleted if the role has access to all courses and has the permission to delete.

The order of the courses can only be changed with access to all courses and the Edit permission.

Change / delete custom roles

Custom roles can be edited with the pencil and deleted with the trash can.

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