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With our community feature, you can offer your customers a perfect opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and with you. To access the community, you can find it in the Spaces tab.

Community from admin point of view

To stay complainant, you can first take care of the consent, this is explained in the following article:

Afterwards, you can activate the function under Settings Spaces:

With that taken care off you can...

Create an open Space (for all members)

In Spaces, click the plus sign to create a new space.

1. Create a space group: give it a name and then click on create.

2. Create a space: For this you give it a name (here: Memberspot Mastermind), then you determine in which space group (Community Number 1) it should be created.

Then you determine whether the space should be public or secret.

Then you decide whether members should be notified via the app or via email.

Create a secret Space

The secret space is only visible to members who have access to it.

Proceed as described under Open Space, only select Secret.

Then go to Accounts and create an account for this Space:

Now you can assign this access to the members who should have access to the space.

Post as a user

First, the member must agree to the consent and give themselves a name.

Then they join an open or secret space (only visible to members with access).

Now it can compose a post:

It can give the post a cover image and set a title.

The post can contain text, images and also videos.

So far you can embed videos from:

  • YouTube

  • Wistia

  • loom

  • vimeo


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