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What is Memberspot?
Which Memberspot plan is the right one for me?
Which Memberspot plan is the right one for me?

What exactly does course, chapter or member area mean at Memberspot? Where are videos stored and what features are available? Upgrade

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In this article you will learn the differences between the tariffs and the meaning of terms, course and member area. Why do you need one or more member areas?

Cost breakdown: We break down performance and costs for all rates in this article.

During the current 14-day trial period, all features are available for you to test. You can create a total of 10 courses. To book a tariff, you have to deactivate the functions that are not included in this tariff.

Among the frequent questions

  • Will the content be deleted immediately after the 14-day trial period?

  • Why do I need 2 member areas?

  • Can I extend the demo period?

  • Which functions are available in Memberspot?

  • Why is my 2nd area in test period after I have already booked the business tariff?

The Memberspot Plans:

There are 4 standard Memberspot Plans. Over 2000 successful companies use one of these tariffs. They differ mainly in the number of courses and member areas, as well as the following performance:





1 Course

10 Courses

50 Courses

Unlimited Courses

1 Member Area

1 Member Area

2 Member Areas

3 Member Areas

500 Members

2500 Members

5000 Members

30,000 Members

1 Admin

3 Admins

10 Admins

30 Admins

39€ / month or 408€ / year

(Save 5 € / month)

99 € / month or 1068 € / year

(Save 10 € / month)

199 € / month or 2148 € / year

(Save 20 € / month)

399 € / month or 4308 € / year

(Save 40 € / month)

All plans include these benefits:

The prices are net prices. They are subject to the applicable statutory sales tax. In Germany it is 19 %. Companies from other EU countries can use the reverse-charge procedure to be exempt from the obligation to pay sales tax.

What belongs to a member area?

A members' area is a web page for members' login.

So, a member's area is a page where you can sign up as "your member". Customers or employees. People in your mentoring, training or seminar portal. A members area can also be used as an intranet with the community feature.

  • Areas you can customize to your company's branding:

  • Logo

  • Main color, and background

  • Fonts

  • Login images

What is the advantage of a 2nd area?

For the use as coaching and training platform 1 member area is perfect.

The following situations speak for the use of 2 member areas, which are available in the BUSINESS 199€/month tariff:

  • The clear separation between customer and employee training.

  • With 2 areas, create 2 different brandings and companies

  • Project A, Project B

  • Multilingualism: trainings in several languages, so that all emails and buttons for members are in the respective language 🇩🇪 🇬🇧

  • The BUSINESS 199€/month plan has double the power of the PRO 99€/month plan. Both have unlimited video storage.

If the above points do not appeal to you, and you currently want to create more than 1 course, then we recommend the Pro plan.

What exactly do I mean by a course?

Courses are the top level in a member area.

If you go into a course, you will see the course description and the course picture at the top.

Below that are the chapters. We also call chapters modules.

Members area > Course > Module > Subchapter > Lesson

In a chapter there is again a description at the top. This time for the chapter / module. Underneath there are the lessons.

There are the following types of lessons



Quiz and question pool lesson


PDF Lesson

Automatic certificates

Listening and watching screen captions and meditations.

Reading articles and infographics embedded as PDFs.

Enabling learning review with appealing certificates for learners.

In each lesson there is a download area for attachments with a size of 500MB. You can also include HTML content in lessons like calendar tools and survey tools like Google Forms.

In the boxes to the right of the lessons you can add links to Zoom Meeting Rooms and other external links and insert images.

Subchapters of a course

Additional subchapters can be inserted in each chapter, which keeps the presentation very clear for learners, even if there is a lot of content.

Since there is no memory limit at Memberspot, and we are built to perform, you can easily create 200–300 lessons.

1 course > 200 videos and more lessons

Videos up to 8 GB and over 2 hours long

4K video upgrade 99€/month

The Essential Plan

With the Essential Plan, you can create a customer portal and video courses for your customer. In this platform in the screenshot is a course.

In the Essential Plan, you can create a start page. The scope of the course, as described above, is enormous thanks to the clear structure of the modules with subchapters!

Hundreds of lessons can be offered with videos, very appealing to learners.

Even though there is no separate learning app in this plan (from Pro Plan), the content can be accessed very well via the browser of tablets and smartphones.

Essential Plan - 1 Course

39€/ Monthly

Are additional courses, members or the app function bookable with the Essential Plan?

No. There are only the Essential Plan and the Essential Plus, with 2 courses for 48 €, which you can book via Live Chat, as standard tariffs.

The Pro Tariff

The main difference between Essential and Pro Plan are the number of courses.

Pro Plan - 10 courses


Service Pro Plan

  • Learning platform on own domain

  • Learning app in own branding

  • Prevent sharing of logins, with login data control

  • Assign individual admin roles

  • Free relocation service from your current platform

A good deal! With the Pro plan, you only pay €9.90 per course per month, and you can wow your members with your own app. The Essential is great for starters, and the upgrade to the Pro plan includes a lot of extra power for professional customers.

All services of the Pro tariff are also included in the Business tariff.

✅ The Business Plan

Business Plan - 50 courses in total


Service Business Plan

  • 2x member areas

  • 5x courses

  • 2x members

  • 3x admin logins

  • Own roles and course-specific rights for administrators

  • Google Login for your members

  • Hide Memberspot copyright in footer

The Business Plan is suitable for most companies.

If you want up to 10 administrators to work together on the training, then the business Plan is the right Option for you. Each administrator can have their own rights and can only work on certain courses.

Once you have booked the Plan, you can link your 2nd area via your main area.

The 50 courses of the business tariff can be distributed freely over both member areas. Example: 5 courses in area A; 45 courses in area B.

✅ The Premium Plan

Premium tariff - Unlimited courses


Service Premium Tariff

  • 3 member areas

  • Unlimited courses

  • 15,000 members

  • 30 admin logins

  • Sending through your own email domain

  • Google Login for your members

  • Hide Memberspot copyright in footer

  • High Priority Support 🚀

Sending through your own E-mail Domain

The sending of the e-mails follows through Memberspot. The returning e-mail address

you can adjust in the basic settings. This is the same in every Plan.

Starting from the Premium Plan, you can use your own e-mail as the sender. You have to send the system e-mails via your own e-mail server. To do this, please contact support, who will help you with the setup.

📺 4k Video Upgrade für 99€ / Monthly 🌟

4k video and high resolution 320 KB/s audio quality


Benefits of the upgrade

Videos are no longer saved in 1080 x 1920 px, but in 3840 x 2160 px.

✅ Extremely sharp font in screen recording.

✅ Future-proof e-learning

✅ For people to whom very good quality is very important

4K is four times the resolution of Full HD

This package can be added to any rate plan. Screen recordings look extremely sharp and legible, even on high-resolution devices.

Do you really need 4k?

It gives you future-proofing that your content will still be relevant in a few years. High quality reflects positively on your brand. The audio is provided in 320 KB/s AAC format and meets the highest quality requirements.

The 4k video streaming and 320 KB/s audio quality is also secured by DRM protection. This is a unique feature of Memberspot.

Contact support for the 4k upgrade!

Enterprise plans are billed per user

✅ The Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan has all the features of the Standard plans. However, there is no fixed quota of member logins. Each Enterprise tariff is individual. Enterprise customers are offered the possibility to implement desired functions prioritized.

Enterprise tariff - Unlimited courses and member areas

A customized package

Annual contract terms, with monthly payment.

Service Enterprise Tariff

  • Unlimited member areas

  • Unlimited courses

  • User based pricing per member

  • Single Sign-On Login Management (SSO)

  • Enterprise API interface to export and analyze user progress

  • Personal account manager

  • Help with the introduction of knowledge management in companies

Especially larger companies with IT department save a lot of time managing logins with SSO. We map the groups in the Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Memberspot x Agencies

Agencies provide Memberspot to their customers as a white label solution. The big advantage is that you as an agency have full control and copy your customer's course templates and complete digital trainings into their learning portal; with just a few clicks!

Contact our sales department for more information. For Enterprise customers, we offer custom development.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to my content immediately after the trial period? Will the content be deleted immediately after the 14 days?

Don't worry, your content will be preserved.

You're wondering "does it make sense to invest time in setting up a new platform?"


We'll help you reach your learning goals and help you get out of the starting blocks.

My trial period has expired. Can I extend the demo trial period?

Yes, of course!

We are happy for you to get familiar with Memberspot. You only pay when you get value from using it. Contact the customer support. And we will extend your trial period.

I have booked the business tariff. However, my 2nd member area is still in the trial period, why?

After booking the Business or Premium tariff you can link another area.

This is how it works:

  1. Switch to the overview of the areas

  2. Select your main area with Business Tairf posted

  3. Go to Account → Link account

→ Add the 2nd area

Now the second area is no longer in test mode and you can use this area productively.

Is there a tariff with 3 courses?

No, only the Essential, Essential Plus and Pro tariff with 1, 2 and 10 courses respectively.

Can I book more courses or members?

Yes, this is individually possible from the Premium tariff onwards. We do not offer this in the other standard tariffs.

What happens if I change my billing address and I move abroad with the company?

Just change your billing address in the system and contact customer support. They will adjust your subscription.

How long is the contract period?

If you pay monthly, you can cancel Memberspot at any time. In case of annual payment the contract period is 12 months and can be cancelled at any time before expiration. Otherwise the contract will be extended for another 12 months.

Is Memberspot DSGVO compliant?

Yes, Memberspot is DSGVO compliant. As a German company, we take data protection seriously. You can learn more about the DSGVO in our privacy policy.

Do you offer a DSGVO-compliant data processing contract?

Yes. When you create your member area, you can easily and quickly sign your digital AV contract with us yourself. A copy will be sent directly to your email address.

As a German company, we take data security seriously and are working to implement the GDPR guidelines as best we can with our legal advisors. However, we do not give legal advice and any customer with special use cases should have our AV contract reviewed by their own lawyer.

Are there special discounts for non-profit organizations?

As a registered association - EV and non proofit organization - NGO you get an additional discount of 20%. We are happy to support your good cause!

Just write a message to the customer support.

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